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Use your loaf!

For this edition I thought I'd try to give some practical advice regarding breakfast and not my usual random mueslis.  Sorry I've still got breakfast on my mind.  I mean random musings.  So I've actually done some research. Honestly, I have promise. Normal pace cycling burns around three hundred to four hundred calories per hour, so a ten to fifteen mile commute each way, will burn approximately the above a ...

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Slippery when dry

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, it would NOT be ‘wear sun screen’. It would be ‘do not wear SPD-SL cleats on a polished floor.’ Why? Do I really need to tell you? Okay I will, the other day I was leaving work and the front door was being locked imminently, missing the window of opportunity leaving through it, would lead to a detour through the stockroom in semi darkness to the back door. S ...

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