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Andrew has been writing for more years than he cares to remember. Originally finding his voice by writing in punk zines Andrew also wrangles words for business clients. Andrew periodically writes books.

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Garmin Virb Elite – BRUTAL review

Why review the Garmin Virb Elite? The Garmin Virb Elite is not the 'current' or most up to date model in the popular Garmin cam range.  So why are we reviewing an old model?  Well I'm glad you asked.  Although you probably didn't ask did you?  Most of the products we review here at VeloBalls are brand new, or at least current models, like the great Source Fuse hydration pack. But buying brand new comes with ...

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Hydration pack review – Source Fuse 2017

Hydration packs are a bit of an odd thing to try and review.  In my experience a hydration pack either holds water and has a tube that works, or it doesn't.  But cycling technology marches onward, so when the nice folk at Wheelies sent VeloBalls a Source Fuse Hydration Pack I decided to find out if the exciting world of bags of water has moved on since I last looked in on it. Although I wouldn't call myself ...

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Urban Cycling: Molly rides her bike, and drinks beer.

Urban cycling is kinda normal. Molly talks about her bike to work. We just spotted this lovely video over at Urban Velo (which we're SO going to subscribe to).  And while we can't quite claim it as a testimonial we do think it's kinda wonderful and sums up the attitude to cycling to work that really love.  Her attitude is very gentle, friendly and has a wonderfully self-effacing cool 'surely this is normal' ...

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Cycling Shoes – Buying the Right Pair

Cycling shoes - why? Remember when you were young and wanted to go for a ride on your two wheeler? You simply went outside, hopped on, and pedalled off. You didn’t worry about putting on the proper shoes or having any cycling-specific gear. As long as you had shoes on your feet and were wearing clothes that could get dirty in case you took a tumble or got splashed, you were in good shape. Now, however, if y ...

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Winter cycling – how to stay safe, warm and badass

People might think you're crazy if you want hit the roads during winter. But who wouldn’t go looney once they've experience the thrill of winter cycling? You will probably wimp out during the coldest hours of your first winter cycling days. But that's fine, we understand. It takes time to figure out what makes winter cycling not only bearable, but fun. If you are tough enough to enjoy winter cycling you can ...

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Specialized Allez – The ULTIMATE Review 2017

Specialized Allez - the road bike range for all budgets. If you are on the market for a new road bike, odds are you fall into one of two groups of people; Those that can comfortably spend north of £1000, and those who need a little more bang for their buck. The Allez range of bicycles by Specialized speak for themselves, in that they are seemingly the only road bike praised by both elite road racers and fru ...

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Black Friday 2016 – get the best bike bargains!

We all like to grumble a bit about Black Friday deals.  Perhaps it's the footage of rioters coshing each other with electrical goods in discount superstores.  Perhaps it's the commercialisation of the world that gets us down.  However you feel about Black Friday deals the truth is that the cycling retailers we all know and love crank out some brilliant deals at this time of year.  At this time of year we al ...

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Northwave Fahrenheit 2 GTX Winter Road Shoes review

This might not be the biggest saving we've ever found, but these boots are SO good it's worth a mention.  I struggled horribly with numb feet until I bought a pair of these boots, they really are that good!  I wear mine pretty much all year round, I've even worn them for track cycling! To keep riding the road bike through the winter, you need the warmth and comfort of these boots! Top Features of the Northw ...

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Fun, Stay Fit, Save Money, Eat More!

I started cycling to work about five years ago. At first it was a five mile journey each way and I was pretty unfit but as time progressed I improved and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just over a month ago I moved to the outskirts of London (Essex) which meant my cycle route would increase from five miles to 15 miles each way making it a total of 30 miles per day! I didn't want to give up cycling to work every day ...

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