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Team Sky Wants Sky-bound Yates twins

The Yates twins’, Adam and Simon, star appears to be rising higher with every sunrise in the cycling arena. It is with this rising star that Team Sky has shown interest in signing the Yates twins. Implying that it wasn’t brain surgery to note the twins will be a merit to Team Sky, the team boss, Dave Brailsford said, “We are a British team ultimately, with a global roster and global race programme, but to h ...

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Corndogs the power-bite for cyclists

Cycling is no walk in the park. It is a sweat drenching, energy draining and physical challenging sport. Therefore, cyclists need to be oozing energy all the times. They need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed regardless of the unforgiving terrains. This is where Corndog swings into to the rescue like a medieval knight with majestic strides. Corndog is a hotdog sausage coated with cornmeal. Corndogs are fri ...

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Tears and Sweat at the Tour de France Warm-up race

Cycling is a sport that consolidates blood, sweat and tears. And things were not any different at the Tour de France warm-up race (the Criterium du Dauphine). Though blood was not evident, a sweat-drenched Andrew Talansky proved his mettle and won the Tour de France warm-up race ahead of Alberto Contador. It was tears before bedtime for Contador, who had snatched the race lead from Chris Froome on the penul ...

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