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Fighting the good fight on the mean-streets as a cycle-commuter? This section is just for you.

F*cking London traffic lights

Whereas activists who work on the topic of urban London cycling are currently (rightly) concerned with the implementation of the Cycle Superhighways (much needed segregated lanes) and Quiet Ways, I want to think about the use of these spaces. In particular, I want to talk about traffic lights. That the Cycle Superhighways (CS for short) are well meaning if occasionally badly constructed is no secret. We sho ...

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A message to London road users: don’t be bags of dicks. Please.

On my commute into town today, I witnessed a few pieces of appalling driving and cycling. It strikes me, however, that the problem is not that drivers treat cyclists like lesser beings as often thought, but that most of them treat us like road users. Driver’s aren’t just arsehole’s to cyclists, they’re arseholes to each other, too. The first incident of terrible driving featured a white van (quelle surprise ...

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Critical Mass – what the hell?

Critical Mass is a spontaneous bike ride that happens in cities around the world on the last Friday of every month. Spontaneously. This report on Critical Mass is not representative of all Critical Mass Rides. I do not represent Critical Mass, nor am I responsible for it happening. The truth is nobody is, and nobody could be. Is that enough of a caveat? Good, grab a drink, get comfy (or uncomfortable, whate ...

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Lights, Camera and Action…….

Few subjects divide cyclists. Bike brands do, a lot people when asked what car they drive they will say something like 'oh it's just a little xxxx' or 'It's a xxxx and its shit.' But ask a cyclist what bike they ride and they will push out their chest with pride and announce the bike brand loudly... and then tell you why its better than your bike.... Few other things split us..... Whether you should wear a ...

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The internet has been the biggest boon to cyclists since the tarmac road. It’s transformed the purchase of everything from bikes to bits to clothing; enabled access to vast amounts of information; and, best of all, opened up lines of communication between riders from all over the world. Take a real life example. I’ve just discovered that I’ve worn out my freewheel – the bunch of cogs that sits on the back w ...

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Bike helmets maybe the worst thing to happen to society

If you want to raise apoplexy in a serious cyclist, mention helmets. No other subject is so guaranteed to drive them into a frenzy of indignation. (Something for which, it has to be said, serious cyclists do tend to have something of a talent.) What do they get so worked up about? Why don’t they just chill? And why do so many of them refuse to wear helmets, when they’re so obviously a good idea? Well, the t ...

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Diabetes and Cycling

Why talk about diabetes on a cycling website? Two main reasons, firstly doctors suggest that cycling (along with swimming but we aren't a swimming site hence 'diabetes and cycling' rather than 'diabetes and swimming') is a low impact (on joints) form of exercise that helps limit and treat the effects of diabetes. Secondly if just one newly diagnosed person searches the internet and ends up here and takes up ...

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A (tongue-in-cheek) Presentation for Motorists

WARNING: If you are a motorists And Do Not ride a bike you may wish to navigate away from this page now, by continuing to read you accept all responsibility for any increase in blood pressure that may occur....     I do drive a car, but reluctantly. It's just really for family trips and (all too frequent) shopping trips. Sometimes I just point blank refuse to move from the sofa to drive to Tesco (other supe ...

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Buying bikes on ebay – the pain, pleasure and a secret weapon

There has never been a better time to be a potless cyclist. Time was, getting a decent second hand bike was a real challenge. First, you went to your local bike shop to check out the two or three Bob had in that were something like what you were looking for. But pretty soon it would become clear they weren’t what you were looking for after all. Then it was the classifieds: bad ads, with little information, ...

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Soon, We’ll All Be Sipping Peri-Air

During a tube strike earlier this year, a doctor told me that he and some of his colleagues had a glimpse of hope in the heart of London. For a day or two, the city was walking and riding bikes en-masse. It was fantastic, he said, if only the city kept it up, London might be a healthy place to live. But, the only time this happens is at the convenience of a tube strike. It is interesting the watch all the r ...

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