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Freedom, exercise, fresh air, speed

Since taking up cycle commuting over eight years ago I have increased my riding to 4-5 days per week and from 8 miles a day to more than 16. It helps to be on mainly rural roads, but they can still suffer from a lot of traffic at busy times. My car use has dropped to less than 3,000 miles a year and as a father of 3 this is the only time I can find to get some decent exercise in. It's great fun, refreshing, ...

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Brompton bikes on the cycle to work scheme

In most big cities in the UK the Brompton is a very common sight indeed.  For many people these plucky little bikes perfectly personify the ultimate achievement in cycle to work technology.  We've never owned a Brompton, or perhaps 'not yet' have we owned a Brompton, so we've drafted in someone who really knows what they're talking about.  The photos and words on this bike to work recommendation were kindly ...

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Let the ship take the strain – cycle touring the (very) easy way.

Cycle-cruising the Danube. Words and photos by Chris Bish. When I first set off for the 'continent' on two self-propelled wheels, it was on a single-speed bike laden with camping gear and with a minimal amount of money. Nearly 50 years on, I, like many have discovered the joys of load-free cycling as companies take your gear from place to place ahead of you and leave the rider unencumbered. The ultimate has ...

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It’s great fun, keeps me fit and saves money!

I've started cycling to work three years ago and haven't stopped ever since! I remember the very first day, when it took 50mins to get to work (only 8 miles!!), it was a real pain, loads of sweat and was exhausted by the time I've reached the office! My backside was hurting for days, but I was reluctant to quit and needed to save on Oyster fare, so kept on cycling. Pain had gone after 2 weeks and after 3-4 ...

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Bike to work challenge

Cycling to work? Considering bike commuting? Confused by the Cycle to Work Scheme? Taking your bike to work is cheaper than taking your car, more convenient than public transport and faster than walking. Cycling is extremely good for your health; cycling just a few miles to work every day (or even once a week) will improve your well-being, reduce your risk of serious illness and will likely help you lose we ...

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Keeps me fit and sets me up for the day

I was completely fitness-phobic my entire life. I got a bike to commute to work to save money on public transport and because I lived too far to walk to work. I was very apprehensive, but took a few adult cycling lessons which helped me build my confidence on the roads [your local council might have provision for this]. I never thought I would be a cyclist, but here I am. If I can do it, so can anyone. For ...

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Critical Mass – what the hell?

Critical Mass is a spontaneous bike ride that happens in cities around the world on the last Friday of every month. Spontaneously. This report on Critical Mass is not representative of all Critical Mass Rides. I do not represent Critical Mass, nor am I responsible for it happening. The truth is nobody is, and nobody could be. Is that enough of a caveat? Good, grab a drink, get comfy (or uncomfortable, whate ...

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Bike to work to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Cycling to work offers a wide range of health benefits including: Excellent calorie burn, an estimated 700-800 calories per hour when you're commuting! Superior cardiovascular conditioning. Cycling to work builds stamina and increases endurance while lower resting heart rate. Generally individuals who cycle regularly have a resting heart rate in the mid to low 60s. Lower body toning. Taking your bike to wor ...

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Three in one – transport, exercise and fun

My first day at a new place of work, ten miles from home. Of course I drove. One hour and forty minutes later I was seriously hacked off at having sat in traffic for that long. "I could cycle it in that time" I thought. And so I did. Yes, the muscles ached for a bit, and I got wet and cold on the odd time when it rained. Ten years later and I'm still doing it (albeit on a slightly better bike than when I st ...

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