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Bimbling (a.k.a Pootling)

Commuting to work is great, it saves fuel money that can be used to buy bikes (and bike-bits), but the several hours of work in-between seem to spoil what would otherwise be a cracking ride.  Using every ride as a serious training session, powering up inclines like 'Cav' or treating every long straight as a time-trial and going for it 'Wiggo' style can get repetitive and boring. Sometimes what you need to d ...

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The Clipless Issue

No, I don't get why it's clipless, either, when clipping-in seems to be exactly the thing you do ... Anyway... It took me a while to come around to being clipped in in the city. In any city, it's pretty much vitally important to have two good quality things on your bike before anything else: brakes, and durable wheels/tyres. These places do not lend themselves to a fluid cycling style, but rather to a stop- ...

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There and back again, a commuter’s tale

A return to cycling was going to be the opening for this brief rambling, but in truth I never left. I’ve always cycled in one form or another since I was a child, the mandatory teenage BMX obsession, this grew into mountain biking and cross country racing and I’ve always had a road bike of some sort lurking in the shed ready to be wheeled out for weekend jollies. I suppose the real beginnings here are more ...

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Cyclist and Non-cyclist Relationship Help

by Simon Norton aka 'The Relationship Guru' This article is predominantly aimed at cycling males with non-cycling female partners. But It can also apply to same sex relationships or even cycling ladies with non-cycling fellas (if the last scenario is the case with yourself, then please contact me as we are clearly both with the wrong person) The following is tried and trusted advice gleaned from years of ex ...

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The Schadenfreude of an Urban Cyclist

Perhaps something has made me petty and a bit nasty since strapping on two wheels and feeling threatened throughout my existence of city cycling. The first time I did Critical Mass, I loved every moment - I describe it as allow one to feel like a cyclist rather a rat - it's empowering, and may lead towards an anarchist ontology where power is relational, not given. But, that feeling of being a rat, perhaps, ...

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Five tips that could improve the cycling experience of 25% of cyclists by 25%

Looking around me on the roads of London, I see an awful lot of cyclists who are doing themselves no favours at all. So here, in no particular order of priority, are five tips that could improve the cycling experience of 25% of cyclists by 25%. Get your saddle and handlebars set to the correct height – which is probably higher than they are now. Sit on the saddle and put your heel on a pedal. Is your leg st ...

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John doesn’t want to die

I know quite a lot of people that I think should be on a bike. John, for example. John’s at the age – mid-40s – where things start to spread and immortality is no longer guaranteed. Plus I know he loathes travelling on the tube, which also costs him getting on for a hundred quid a month. So there’s no doubt in my mind that John should get a bike. But he won’t. Why not? One reason, I suspect, is the capital ...

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Marcel Kittel says ‘Don’t be a dick’

This post falls very much into the category of 'it sucks that it has to be said' but Marcel Kittel and Shimano have bumped skulls and punted out a video encouraging fans to look after themselves when out watching cycling.  Now, you'd think this would go without saying, especially following the horrible collision between Vansummeren and a spectator at the Tour of Flanders, but I guess there are folk out ther ...

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Bike vs Bus = Dickend

Watch this video... Fucking ow, right? My initial reaction was 'that's fucking nasty!', my second was 'what a fucking idiot'. Then, 'thank god he's alive' and finally 'I hope he never teaches anybody to cycle in his life, ever.' He is a grade-A dickend and a prime example of exactly how not to cycle in anywhere, especially one where cycling infrastructure is bollocks - such as London. There is a point to no ...

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Returning to Civilisation After 100 Miles of Bliss

17:59 More than once did cars become the symbol of absolute evil, more than once did I curse ever previous, and the current, London governments for woefully underinvesting in cycling and infrastructure, and when they had, letting demented fucktits design it. And thinking primarily about cars, and not public transport and bikes. And, again, did I curse the privatisation of all the services with things under ...

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