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Can I get a ‘hell yeah’ for Team Wiggle Honda?

I can remember sitting with a warm can of ale watching Wiggins romp to victory in the 2012 Tour de France and wondering what would amuse me next.  Next up on ITV4 was 'The Cycle Show' (which we like!) and guesting that night were a few cyclists who had done very well in a certain worldwide competition that involved rings in the logo, the type of organisation that would shit on the heads of nobodies like tho ...

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Welcome to our little hole on the web

We've been lurking around and talking in hushed whispers in darkened corners (of pubs) about starting our own cycling news site for far too long, we've come out of the closet proudly wearing ill-fitting lycra and we're ready to stick to the man.  We're not sure who the man we'll be sticking it to is, so any suggestions are welcome, or not actually, keep your negativity to yourself.  We're here to be the voi ...

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