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Reviews and news from the big (and small brands) and details of the (frankly quite unusual) developments in the world of cycling.  If you want us to review your gear then get in touch…

“The Professor” Recieves a Hefty Halfords Payday

When a rider falls in love with the sport of cycling, he/she becomes consumed by it. They get natural highs when they experience the speed and stamina of the game. They train endlessly to gain milliseconds off of a stopwatch. And when they realise how good they are, they compete against other lovers of the game all over the world. A select few achieve success. They are showered with medals, praise from thei ...

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Brain mechanic say ‘pfffhhttt’ to bike helmets

Professional brain-tinkerer (neurosurgeon) Henry Marsh has chucked his tuppence-worth into the seemingly never-ending debate about whether we should be cladding our skulls in polystyrene when we take to the mean streets on our bicycles.  The topic of whether we should wear helmets always used to be overwhelmingly convincing on the 'yes' front, with naysayers being regarded as suicidal loons.  But now the ti ...

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