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Tears and Sweat at the Tour de France Warm-up race

Cycling is a sport that consolidates blood, sweat and tears. And things were not any different at the Tour de France warm-up race (the Criterium du Dauphine). Though blood was not evident, a sweat-drenched Andrew Talansky proved his mettle and won the Tour de France warm-up race ahead of Alberto Contador. It was tears before bedtime for Contador, who had snatched the race lead from Chris Froome on the penul ...

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Va Va Froome Dominating the Dauphine, Thanks to Team and Fellow Riders

Tour de France favorite Chris Froome is dominating the Dauphine. He won the first two stages without major problems. But, as of today, it has not been that easy. He is still the overall leader, but he can thank Team Sky and his competition for that. His teammates have helped to secure his standing from rival Alberto Contador. In fact, it seems that during the fourth stage, Team Sky was looking to give up th ...

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Contador Shrugs Off Second Place Finish

Two highly-decorated racers who would most likely play an important key in the final standings, battled at the end of the opening time trial at Criterium du Dauphine. Alberto Contador finished eight seconds behind Chris Froome, but saw the light at the end of the tunnel. “It’s okay. For me the last part was very hard with a very strong headwind.” And that headwind influenced the outcome of this first test. ...

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Don’t Count Millar Out

The sport of Cycling is not easy. It takes courage, determination, perseverance, and a little bit of luck. And the fiery scot David Millar has ample amounts of each. His road has been an interesting one. From his near career change to being an art student, Millar has never taken the conventional route. He has been engrossed in the sport for 18 years, and is now making his final lap amongst the events. But, ...

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