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Sagan’s California Dreamin’

Don’t be surprised if you notice Peter Sagan walking around the LA looking for available properties for sale, he loves riding in California. And it doesn’t hurt that he can’t stop winning here either. Sagan has lit up the record books with 13 Tour of California stage wins but his competitors are not going to roll out the red carpet just yet. California’s majestic mountain ranges in stage three and five will ...

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Contador coulda carked it

The Spanish star, Alberto Contador, is anything but resentful about crashing out of 2014’s Tour de France because he believes it could have been worse: he might have died. After breaking his right tibia (shinbone) during the 10th stage of the tour, and continuing to ride for nearly 20km, Contador eventually gave up. When asked about it, he said “When I think I was going 77kmph at the time and I only broke m ...

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Contador crash – Van Den Broeck ses ‘I was there man!’

Following Alberto Contador's exit from this year's Tour de France there have been questions asked about what exactly happened that caused him to crash.  Whenever a rider crashes out there is a mix of sympathy and commiseration from riders who have been in the same situation themselves before.  With Contador's sudden crash-related retirement yesterday his peers appear to be neither surprised nor sympathetic. ...

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Contador crashes, cracks and leaves Le Tour

Alberto Contador is the latest victim of what is turning out to be one of the most brutal Tour de France years we've known for a while.  We were horrified to hear that Mark Cavendish had borked his shoulder, we sighed with sad disappointment when Chris Froome was forced to bailout before the cobblestone sections of the Paris-Roubaix stage.  Now we're feeling bad for yet another fella what could have won Le ...

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Contador expects rumble in Roubaix

Always a game-changer, the vicious cobblestone streets Paris-Roubaix promise to be a pivotal point in the Tour de France. With the help of the Tinkoff-Saxo team, rider Alberto Contador hopes for solace in the expected brutal conditions. And with projected weather forecasts including harsh rain and high winds, every rider will be looking for any edge-up they can get. Rewind four years back to 2010 and the wo ...

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