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Critical Mass – what the hell?

Critical Mass is a spontaneous bike ride that happens in cities around the world on the last Friday of every month. Spontaneously. This report on Critical Mass is not representative of all Critical Mass Rides. I do not represent Critical Mass, nor am I responsible for it happening. The truth is nobody is, and nobody could be. Is that enough of a caveat? Good, grab a drink, get comfy (or uncomfortable, whate ...

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Vegetation welcome on the Thames, cyclists are not

The (estimated) £175m Garden bridge over the Thames, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, has finally been given clearance, but it has been confirmed that cycling will be banned on the crossing - they will be allowed to walk their bike across. The planning application was approved by the Westminster Council in a meeting of Planning Application Committee on the 2nd of December. Councilors at the meeting voted in ...

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Blackpool pavement pedallers get free confidence courses

25 people were stopped by the Police on Whitegate drive, in Blackpool, for cycling on pavements. Police will continue to target the particular area until the end of the month. PC Steve Jones (Community Manager for Talbot), said that all these people were given a warning that they would be fined with £100 if caught again, and were offered a place on a cycling course, run by the Blackpool council. He added “E ...

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SkyCycle? AirCycle? SkyBalls!

One of the issues that first strikes about the uber-architect's Sir Norman Foster's current London infrastructure baby, SkyCycle, is that it sounds like it has something to do with Sky's proprietor Rupert Murdoch. They should at least consider changing the name, considering the implications and, well ... the person. Another question is simply … isn't this a bit, well stupid? The proposal is to spend thousan ...

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Bike to work site says ‘oi, bike to work’ is GO! A new website has been launched to encourage people to bike to work.  Not an original concept admittedly; there are plenty of cycle to work scheme websites who put in a lot of huff and puff into getting people to cycle to work (and, er, sign up to a Cycle to Work bike-buying scheme).  What makes this new cycling to work related site different is that it's less about the facts ...

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Boris Shares the Fight Against Cancer

Boris Bikes, that is. When we find a cause to fight for and support, we sometimes use unconventional ways to help shine a light on them. The more “light” we shine, the more attention is brought to our cause and the more support to help what we are fighting for. Three men flashed a blue colored spotlight on the Macmillan Cancer Support this week using an unusual tool...a Boris bike. They decided to take the ...

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Thank you, BMX stunt Boris!

When the scheme for the Barclays Cycle Hire was announced, critics all over London hi-fived each other. It was seen as game-changing and people pointed and laughed at those silly 4-wheeled vehicles that took up most of the road. “Cars? Those things are soooo 2009.” This bright idea was going to change the way Londoners commuted to work. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, licked his chops at the thought of ...

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Boris ses ‘OI! Will you sponsor me?’

The biggest cycling event of the year is approaching soon. The Tour de France? No, the first official London cycle hire race, silly. Thirty brave contestants will test the dangerous waters of Smithfield Market through five perilous laps. And what will be the weapon of choice? Boris bikes. These blue coloured bikes have the power to tear down windy roads or take harrowing treks while shopping at your local g ...

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Hi-Tech Bus Solutions For Low Quality Infrastructure Problems

Bristol is trialling some fancy technology to alert bus drivers to the fact that cyclists made be on the inside of their combustion monsters Well, first, why any cyclist would cycle up the inside of a moving bus is beyond me. Secondly, why any cyclist would stay beside a stopped bus, rather than get in front, is beside me. Thirdly, why any bus driver would overtake a cyclist … Oh, I get it now. And while th ...

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