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Mark Cavendish Did What Men Refuse To Do

….ask for directions. Two schoolboys received the thrill of their life when a lone cyclist asked them for directions. The cyclist needed help due to faulty GPS navigation in Middleham, North Yorkshire. After the schoolboys gave the man the information he needed to find the correct road for the first stage of The Tour de France, they then realized they were talking to a man who had won 25 tour stages. Oh, to ...

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Newly “pinked” Quintana, sets his sights on Tour de France glory

Still in a haze from dominating Giro d’Italia, Movistar’s Nairo Quintana kept his eyes on the ultimate prize. Only 24, Quintana showed the perseverance of an elder statesman and made clear as to what his next goal was. “My next goal will be to win the Tour de France one day,” he stated. That feat will not be accomplished this year because Quintana has already said he would not compete in this year’s race de ...

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Va Va Froome Drops Subtle Bradley Bomb

Everyone’s favourite bike-themed battle has renewed hostilities. Subtle verbal jabs have been released from Tour de France favourite Chris Froome regarding his BFF and teammate, Sir Bradley Wiggins. With Wiggins’ role during next month’s Tour de France in question, Froome proceeded to help push Wiggins off a cliff...gently. In a statement in Yorkshire, he mentioned “Plan B” and expressed his affection for a ...

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Boris ses ‘OI! Will you sponsor me?’

The biggest cycling event of the year is approaching soon. The Tour de France? No, the first official London cycle hire race, silly. Thirty brave contestants will test the dangerous waters of Smithfield Market through five perilous laps. And what will be the weapon of choice? Boris bikes. These blue coloured bikes have the power to tear down windy roads or take harrowing treks while shopping at your local g ...

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Tired of Political Drama, Colombians Unify to See Quintana Make History

Movistar’s Nairo Quintana grabbed history by the proverbial spokes by becoming the first Columbian to conquer the mass of talented cyclists at Giro d’Italia. This victory shed a bright pink light at the latin american country, helping fellow countrymen forget about Columbia’s recent political turmoil. With enough espionage and scandal to make James Bond blush, Colombians took their minds off their troubles ...

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Hi-Tech Bus Solutions For Low Quality Infrastructure Problems

Bristol is trialling some fancy technology to alert bus drivers to the fact that cyclists made be on the inside of their combustion monsters Well, first, why any cyclist would cycle up the inside of a moving bus is beyond me. Secondly, why any cyclist would stay beside a stopped bus, rather than get in front, is beside me. Thirdly, why any bus driver would overtake a cyclist … Oh, I get it now. And while th ...

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Returning to Civilisation After 100 Miles of Bliss

17:59 More than once did cars become the symbol of absolute evil, more than once did I curse ever previous, and the current, London governments for woefully underinvesting in cycling and infrastructure, and when they had, letting demented fucktits design it. And thinking primarily about cars, and not public transport and bikes. And, again, did I curse the privatisation of all the services with things under ...

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Le Tour de France explained

Millions of people worldwide are transfixed each and every year as the annual Tour de France is run. In case you aren’t one of these people, and you don’t really get what the fuss is about, or maybe you just don’t understand the rules and terminology, here is a quick primer so that you can join in on the fun this year! The Tour de France started in 1903 when a French newspaper wanted to drum up some publici ...

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