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Clip-in, Strap-on

As that well known saying goes: once you go clipless, you can't go back ... less. Being clipped into a bike gives the the rider many benefits, including a feeling of more control and connectedness to the bike, and efficiency when going up hills. However, a problem many find with clipless pedals is the choice of shoes - having to be slave to what exactly shoes you own. And there a few nice ones (DZR particul ...

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Lights, Camera and Action…….

Few subjects divide cyclists. Bike brands do, a lot people when asked what car they drive they will say something like 'oh it's just a little xxxx' or 'It's a xxxx and its shit.' But ask a cyclist what bike they ride and they will push out their chest with pride and announce the bike brand loudly... and then tell you why its better than your bike.... Few other things split us..... Whether you should wear a ...

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When is a bike like a broom?

I've just upgraded the wheels on my bike. Is it the same bike? Of course it is.... If I upgrade the the groupset to Shimano 105 or perhaps even DI-2 (I'm not going to by the way.... I'm happy with the standard Tiagra and I can't afford it....) would it still be the same bike? I'd say yes. I might want to change the bars and seat post for carbon fibre ones, still the same bike? What happens though if I fail ...

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Sausages and Cycling

You normally associate barbecues with charcoal encrusted food, luke warm beer pulled from a bucket of tepid water because the fridge is too full and if you are really unlucky a case of jelly belly due to under-cooked chicken. You don't normally associate barbecues with cycling. This year I've been to three barbecues already and I must say the food was fantastic and the alcohol properly chilled on all three ...

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