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How you doin’?

No I'm not trying a dodgy chat up line on you, I'm just wondering what your mileage is for the year. In the past I've hit 3300 for the year not bad as commute was only a 15 mile round trip but last year due to covering sites elsewhere for a few months and having to use a company vehicle to do so I only managed 1800 odd miles. This year in a new job with a 20 mile commute I set myself a target of 3000 miles, ...

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FreeMaster Prescription Cycling Glasses – An unbiased review.

I'd never given prescription cycling glasses a thought before as I, until recently had worn contact lenses for nearly thirty years, I started wearing them in my early teens, honest! Okay it may have been VERY early twenties, but definitely no later than that. Unfortunately after a painful eye infection I was advised to cut down my wear time from fourteen hours a day, seven days a week to no more than eight ...

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