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Ben Scott – Big Street Unicyclist

Photo credit: Carrie Ann Dawkins Mention Unicycling and most people think of comedy unicycling, clowns or jugglers, in fact there is a discipline within unicycling called comedy, but its just one of many styles. Freestyle is another style; a cross between ballet and figure skating on a unicycle. Another discipline is Mountain, which is self explanatory and then there is Street unicycling, which is a bit lik ...

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Cycling through Holland to a punk rock festival in Belgium

I like to ride my bicycle. That much is clear. After all, that’s why I started VeloBalls. I like using my single speed for transport around town and I like bimbling around the Suffolk countryside on my geared bike. But what I really like is cycling adventures. Recently I’ve been getting a bit fed up with the whole going in a circle of local rides and I’ve been itching to cycle on roads I haven’t ridden a hu ...

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Motorists – please don’t close pass cyclists in tuck

I shot the video below this morning.  I record my rides, not so much to glorify my riding (slow & inelegant) but because I love to film the countryside around where I live in Suffolk.  This morning I was descending what passes for a hill around here and a motorist gave me a bit of a fright.  I'm not posting this video to moan about the driver in question, but because I think some motorists don't underst ...

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