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VeloBalls is…

Cycling News is an essential part of the day for many of us, but it’s sometimes a bit, well, ‘dry’.  There are some brilliant exceptions to the rule but on the whole we can see why some of our non-cycling friends might think we’re a bit odd for getting so excited about the simple beauty of human being + bicycle.  And you know what?  They’re correct; but what do they know about anything?  I bet they don’t even know The Rules.  Ignore ’em.

VeloBalls exists to bring you the latest, the best, the strangest, the most profane news from the world of cycling as it happens, or just after it happens if we’re asleep when ‘it’ happens.  We also have a bunch of opinionated writers who want to share their innermost thoughts with you.  Tread carefully in our blog section, thar be monsters thar.  Did that ‘that’ sound posh or like a pirate?  We were aiming for pirate.  Never mind.

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