The following very cool people contribute to the world of wonder and words that is VeloBalls.  We are eternally grateful to all these wonderful folk, and we highly recommend you hire them for writing jobs and shower them with goods and chattels.

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Andrew Culture

Andrew Culture at Veloballs
Andrew has been writing for more years than anyone cares to remember.  Having gotten his start by writing for punk zines Andrew now splits his time between doing the online marketing (and writing) for his business clients, playing bass guitar in a few bands and spending time with his wonderful wife and delightful (most of the time) daughter.
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Sam Hurrumph

Assistant Editor
Sam has been writing variously, mostly about music or in academia, for a while now. He is situated in London, and after taking up cycling there in 2012, it has become one of his obsessions, amongst music and other people being wrong. Cycling is part of his way of declaring war on the alienating affects of a supercity.
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Chris Bish

Staff writer
Chris Bish
Chris Bish is a former Head of English, who revived his interest in cycling after retirement. Despite advancing years, he still likes to ski, sail and ride his Bianchi Sempre, though he also has a shed full of classic British steel bikes. Too old for MAMIL status, he sees himself as more of an OMIL. He and his wife are fans and like to travel round Europe to see cycle racing.
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Dan Day

Staff writer
Dan Day of VeloBalls
Dan doesn’t see the world in quite the same way the rest of the world does, but we share his view, and that’s why he’s perfect for VeloBalls.  Dan’s news reports are getting a bit of a reputation for being part stand-up, part reportage.  We think he’s great, and we’re sure you will too.
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Simon Elson

Cool Contributor
Simon Norton

Simon Elson is a self confessed Mamil that got into cycling to hide his Lycra fetish and is currently working on a steam punk novel based around Time travelling Tour de France riders.  Simon is also the author a bestselling book on Type 2 diabetes and cycling called ‘Sugar Beat: How I controlled T2 Diabetes through cycling’

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Alan Paterson

Staff writer
Alan Paterson
Like most of our contributors Alan pays the rent and keeps the wolves at bay by herding words. Unlike any of our other writers Alan learned his craft at Oxford and by working for some huge companies. So if you think you’ve spotted in an incorrect use of language in any of Alan’s contributions to VeloBalls, well, you’re wrong.
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