The Battle of Words Between Two Sirs

team sky car

Do you feel a draft? It’s getting quite frosty on Team Sky. Not only are Chris Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins having a tiff, but now a battle of he say/she say has started between Wiggins and Sir David Brailsford. And it’s never a good idea to argue with one’s employer. Wiggins claims he was left off the Team Sky’s Tour de France roster, but Brailsford stated no such decision was made…yet.

“At Team Sky we have a set way of doing things. You analyse the demands of the event and you figure out how you think you can win this event.”

He continued.

“So you picture who do you think has the right attitude – you’re spending three and a half weeks, four weeks in a bus, so you need a tight-knit group.You need trust, you need camaraderie. You need all that in a team to go and compete in this race.”

The problem is I don’t think the terms “right attitude”, “tight-knit”, “trust”, and “camaraderie” would fit into the equation if Wiggins was included on this roster. The relationship between Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins has been well-documented and resembles more of a cat/dog relationship. Plus, former teammates have claimed that Sir Bradley Wiggins is not the easiest person to work with.

This aspect, of course, will come into discussion when the final roster is set.

“It’s not just about Chris and Brad, it’s about the whole group dynamic.” He goes on to say, “That all comes into consideration so it’s just not about two people and if there is any friction.”

But, in my humble opinion, the break-up seems inevitable. And the discussion would mirror the “talk” I had in my last relationship.

“Look, it’s not you…it’s me.”