Bike vs Bus = Dickend

Cyclist hits bus - accident

Watch this video…

Fucking ow, right? My initial reaction was ‘that’s fucking nasty!’, my second was ‘what a fucking idiot’. Then, ‘thank god he’s alive’ and finally ‘I hope he never teaches anybody to cycle in his life, ever.’

He is a grade-A dickend and a prime example of exactly how not to cycle in anywhere, especially one where cycling infrastructure is bollocks – such as London.

There is a point to not being an absolute tool on the road – the more cyclists flout the law’s of the road, the more reason we give ardent bawbag drivers who believe the road is there’s more reason to be bawbags. I see a cyclist go through a red light, I just think they make the rest of look like arseholes.

People can have a tendency to ignore the frequency of things working – because they work – and only notice the times things go wrong, because they’re unique. News stories are news because they’re unique. Clue is in the word NEW. If they happened all the time – man goes into shop, picks up a twix, pays for it, and there’s an endless exchange of ‘thank you’ because this is the UK – it’s not news. So, thank god stuff like this is news, but perhaps because he got out alive.

Can you imagine seeing that if he hadn’t?

There can be a great mentality of cycling in the city between cyclists – we’re all in it together. It’s not there all the time, but it’s frequent enough. But, until we start joining up with motor vehicle drivers to argue that we’re all on the road together, we’re going to be mosquitos on the windshield to many drivers.

At the end of the day, this guy is an example of why some drivers hate cyclists. This was not the truck drivers fault, nor the bus drivers fault. And when I see it – fair enough. I don’t like cyclists who smash through the place like that – they’re the same as the cunts in fancy cars who smash it between traffic lights.

Good infrastructure is essential to protect idiots from their own nature of being fucking idiots.