Bike to work site says ‘oi, bike to work’

bike to work is GO!

A new website has been launched to encourage people to bike to work.  Not an original concept admittedly; there are plenty of cycle to work scheme websites who put in a lot of huff and puff into getting people to cycle to work (and, er, sign up to a Cycle to Work bike-buying scheme).  What makes this new cycling to work related site different is that it’s less about the facts and figures and a lot more about trying to show potential cycle-commuters that getting the urge to pedal to work doesn’t mark them out as being freaks.

Cycle-commuter testimonials.

The main attraction on the ‘bike to work challenge’ website (at least in our eyes) is the testimonials section, an area of the site that gives people the opportunity to share why they love cycling to work so much.  Some of these testimonials are quite touching, some are funny, and at least one of the ‘testifiers’ rather brilliantly ‘sings’ his reasons for cycling to work.  The point is that the reasons given for leaving the car at home are really varied, and hopefully this will help show just how damned normal cycling to work is.  They’re calling out for more testimonials, so head on over and get involved, you could just save someone’s life.

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