Boris Shares the Fight Against Cancer

Boris Vs The Tour

Boris Bikes, that is. When we find a cause to fight for and support, we sometimes use unconventional ways to help shine a light on them. The more “light” we shine, the more attention is brought to our cause and the more support to help what we are fighting for. Three men flashed a blue colored spotlight on the Macmillan Cancer Support this week using an unusual tool…a Boris bike.

They decided to take the bicycle hires and ride through the entire first stage of the fabled trek from Leeds to Harrogate. That is a tough challenge in itself. The first stage measures 190km, which is no stroll in the park for anyone. Secondly, a plain Boris bike that can be ridden by you or me weighs an astronomical 50 lbs. Quite different than what the riders at the Tour will be racing. And lastly, the Boris bike only has three gears. Can you imagine having to shred through a stage stretching about 190km with 17% gradients with only three gears? It was tough indeed. But, Andy Sloan, Dave Parker, and Dave Parkes are not doing this just to take in the scenery. They each have had personal experience with loved ones who have lost the battle against cancer.

The last bit of their challenge was to return the Boris bikes within the 24 hour time limit. An unforeseen obstacle reared its ugly head, a roadway closure that stopped them from achieving that goal. A fine of £150 is given for late bike hire returns. Fortunately, an unlikely hero stepped in. Andy Sloan spoke of the superhero who was donned in a blue-coloured cape;

“Fairplay to Barclays Cycle Hire, they are refunding our fines as it was out of our hands. Now on with raising funds and not paying fines.”


The challenge is over, but you can still sponsor these brave souls…