Cadel says ‘smell ya later’

Cadel evans retires

The only Aussie to win the Tour de France has broke the news that he will retire by February 2015.

The 37 year old, Tour de France winner of 2011, told that Tour Down Under will be his last race and he would also ride for inaugural event of Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road’s one-day race.

He accepted the fact that possibility of him winning any Grand Tour has gone and this will be the perfect time for him to quit cycling.

He also added that he never dreamed of racing at age of 40, he wants to quit much before reaching his fourty, and wont ever like to race at the relatively high age for athlete of 40. This is the time heshould quit since he has reached the age.

Cadel Evans positioned a disappointing 39th in the Italian annual stage race Giro d’Italia while he was aiming to add this last Tour to his record of achievements. This marked a fade in his career and his retirement announcement was being awaited for long.

To counter the the last year’s disappointing position, he skipped Tour to focus completely on the Giro but still garnered 8th position overall.

He also said that his focus should be towards his family during this stage of life and he no longer wants to see them sad while dropping him at the airport.

Cadel Evans lso pointed out that he should focus more on other things available to him this year while the team is going towards a different direction. He also admitted that he could not achieve the level he hoped and his team wanted him to be at. The team was also admired by him for being around him.

It’s also worth noting that Evans have been winner of Worlds Championships Race in 2009 and runner-up twice in 2007 and 2008 for the Tour.

He also boasted on his consistency during the seasons for two decades quoting that “I’m proud of the fact that I could perform consistently over the years, from the beginning of the season to the end of the season, give or take a few periods of injury and illness.”

Smell ya later Cadel, you’ve always been entertaining!