Can I have a rant yet?

commuter rant

Can I?….. please… this is my fourth bi-weekly column, so I think I’m entitled to one….

I can…. Thank you…..

There’s an old joke…. No matter how pointless your job seems…. Don’t forget there is someone out there who’s job it is to fit indicators on a certain prestige manufacturers vehicles….

When I drive I use my indicators on roundabouts, at junctions and strangely enough in car parks…..

A lot of people don’t it seems, quite often at roundabouts, when I approach one I have to guess which way the car will travel…. and car parks….. don’t get me started on them!

It seems the ability to move a hand two or three inches to nudge a plastic stalk totally disappears when a driver enters a car parks they will drive round and round it not thinking that people need to know which direction they will suddenly turn…. and when I ride my bike through a car park, the glares I get could put Medusa to shame…. they seem to say… “This is a car park, what the flip are you doing in it?”

I want to reply something like…..

I’ll tell you what I’m doing…. I’m riding a bike to the cycle racks which are conveniently for me…..put by the store/shopping centre pedestrian entrance… So I have to travel the full distance of said car park to get to them….. If you did some exercise for once you could park ten feet from the door and not drive round for ten minutes or have to pay a couple of quid to leave your car there…. and would you please have the courtesy to indicate your intended direction of travel… so I can try and get out of the way before you attempt to mow me down…..

And breathe……