Cancellara naffs off from Le Tour

Fabian Cancellara exits Tour de France

Fabian Cancellara is the latest in a remarkably long line of riders to leave this year’s Tour de France.  Unlike many of those who have gone before him Cancellara has left of his own accord, and without injury.

Cancellara has said that he wants to focus on the World Championships, and so has decided to leave this year’s tour.  It’s not like he was near the bottom of the field and decided to cut his loses and leave; during stage five many were touting him as a possible favourite to be one of the big players in the overall race.  We can’t imagine his team mates at Trek Factory Racing are too pleased, taking into consideration the early exit of Schleck and Danny van Poppel Trek are now facing the rest of the tour with just six people left in the team.

The decision to leave a Grand Tour just as things are getting interesting may seem unusual, but Cancellara has had a very busy year.  By the time his exit was officially announced yer man Fabby had raced for a total of 59 days since his season started in Dubai in February.

Or maybe he’s looking at the epic list of injured riders and is leaving rather than take the risk that his name might be added to this grim list.