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FreakScene celebrates all the best, worst and weirdest stuff from the world of cycling. Also contains shit that we think is cool but can’t find a home for elsewhere on the site.

Mounting Ventoux, fuelled by pies and ale

This coming Sunday (27/07/14) those who will be mourning the end of the Tour de France but finding themselves at a loose end in France could do worse than heading to Le Mont Ventoux.  The sight that will greet them will not be the wire-thin frames of pro racers flying up the mountain like it is level, oh no, they'll see something potentially much more entertaining. Self-confessed 'generously set' (and nearl ...

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Dunwich Dynamo, portrait of a serial nutter

Tonight at around 8pm I will leave Hackney on my bicycle, joining me will be an estimated 3000 other cyclists. We're heading for Dunwich in Suffolk, we'll probably get there between 5am and 11am. But why? Dunwich Dynamo - phwaaaat? The Dunwich Dynamo (a.k.a the 'Dun Run') is an entirely unplanned, unofficial, unsupported and marvelous ride from Hackney in London to Dunwich.  As to why it happens each year, ...

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Corndogs the power-bite for cyclists

Cycling is no walk in the park. It is a sweat drenching, energy draining and physical challenging sport. Therefore, cyclists need to be oozing energy all the times. They need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed regardless of the unforgiving terrains. This is where Corndog swings into to the rescue like a medieval knight with majestic strides. Corndog is a hotdog sausage coated with cornmeal. Corndogs are fri ...

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Pippa Middleton’s Bottom joins race

If you have read the 'Red-Tops' this week you will be aware that Pippa Middleton's bottom is taking part in a three thousand mile relay race across America. If you managed to get as far as the third paragraph in most of the papers you will have realised that it is not as miraculous as it sounds as the rest of Pippa is accompanying the said bottom. The papers seemed to be more interested in her Lycra clad bu ...

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Bicycle bondage storage system

Stumbling into the 'did it need to be done?' category of bike gear design we have a giant stretchy skater belt that claims to be able to hold your groceries safely on your bike.  We're possibly being a little unkind, if there's one thing that bikes always benefit from it's a bit of free-thinking.  We've often looked at the void formed by the 'triangle' in the middle of bike frames and wondered whether the s ...

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A “Nutt” From Rotherham is Looking to Ride into History

….Ricky Nutt, that is. The cyclist from Britain is smashing asphalt whenever he can. June is the perfect month to do so, and Nutt is using the month’s extra sun time to bike himself into a world record. In essence, he is Rotherham’s version of Forrest Gump. The only difference is he chooses not to sport the heavy set beard and is fully clothed in body-tight lycra. He rides for the love of the sport. But, th ...

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Thank you, BMX stunt Boris!

When the scheme for the Barclays Cycle Hire was announced, critics all over London hi-fived each other. It was seen as game-changing and people pointed and laughed at those silly 4-wheeled vehicles that took up most of the road. “Cars? Those things are soooo 2009.” This bright idea was going to change the way Londoners commuted to work. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, licked his chops at the thought of ...

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Le Tour de France explained

Millions of people worldwide are transfixed each and every year as the annual Tour de France is run. In case you aren’t one of these people, and you don’t really get what the fuss is about, or maybe you just don’t understand the rules and terminology, here is a quick primer so that you can join in on the fun this year! The Tour de France started in 1903 when a French newspaper wanted to drum up some publici ...

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Noah Granigan wins race, licks tarmac

We're not the sort of people who laugh at the misfortune of others, especially not when it comes to smearing flesh across tarmac.  The main reason we don't point and laugh when cyclists polish their lycra on the road is that without fail all writers at VeloBalls have done much the same thing at some point or other (and those who haven't almost definitely will).  Where 18 year old Noah Granigan differs from ...

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