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Things that no cyclist need tolerate

Motorists – please don’t close pass cyclists in tuck

I shot the video below this morning.  I record my rides, not so much to glorify my riding (slow & inelegant) but because I love to film the countryside around where I live in Suffolk.  This morning I was descending what passes for a hill around here and a motorist gave me a bit of a fright.  I'm not posting this video to moan about the driver in question, but because I think some motorists don't underst ...

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Selfie stupidity

The downside to the huge crowd gathering for Tour De France is the craze for selfies among the spectators. People taking selfies, with their backs to the speeding peloton, creates safety problems for both the riders and the spectators. The problem is compounded by the spectator’s desire to stand on the roads. Owing to this, a lot of accidents have occurred. Tejay van Garderen from BMC Racing team could not ...

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Froome crunches horribly out of Le Tour

That's it, it's all over, time to go home boyo.  Nobody likes to see anyone leave Le Tour this way, especially not when it's our very own Chris Froome. After suffering a suspected fracture earned by going down mid-peleton Froome visited the race doctor for some x-rays, and despite leaving the medical van with a cautious smile (and an even more cautious thumbs up) things were not looking good.  The doctor ca ...

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SkyCycle? AirCycle? SkyBalls!

One of the issues that first strikes about the uber-architect's Sir Norman Foster's current London infrastructure baby, SkyCycle, is that it sounds like it has something to do with Sky's proprietor Rupert Murdoch. They should at least consider changing the name, considering the implications and, well ... the person. Another question is simply … isn't this a bit, well stupid? The proposal is to spend thousan ...

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A Flowchart to aid bike selection

We like any form of cycling on Veloballs be it Racing, Bimbling, Mountain biking, BMX.... In fact anything that takes place on a human propelled bike whether it has two wheels, or is a recumbent trike.... we will even extend the hand of friendship to unicyclists...... So it follows that any bike is welcome be it Hybrid, Road, Mountain bike..... Etc. However my passion is for road bikes and I would like to h ...

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The Clipless Issue

No, I don't get why it's clipless, either, when clipping-in seems to be exactly the thing you do ... Anyway... It took me a while to come around to being clipped in in the city. In any city, it's pretty much vitally important to have two good quality things on your bike before anything else: brakes, and durable wheels/tyres. These places do not lend themselves to a fluid cycling style, but rather to a stop- ...

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Marcel Kittel says ‘Don’t be a dick’

This post falls very much into the category of 'it sucks that it has to be said' but Marcel Kittel and Shimano have bumped skulls and punted out a video encouraging fans to look after themselves when out watching cycling.  Now, you'd think this would go without saying, especially following the horrible collision between Vansummeren and a spectator at the Tour of Flanders, but I guess there are folk out ther ...

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