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Love on the commute

During my early days of cycle commuting, I always sent a text to my darling wife to reassure her I hadn't been squashed by a forty tonne truck... one morning I received a phone call.... The conversation went something like this 'Oh you're alive then' 'Of course I am, I texted you' 'No you didn't' 'Yes I did' 'Err... No you didn't 'Well I texted someone....' After I hung up the work phone I checked my mobile ...

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Pssst… Want some free stuff?

I'm a regular contributor to Veloballs but don't want my cover blown, as it may affect future letter writing success so I'm posting under a nom de plume.  A bit like P.J Proby appearing on Opportunity knocks as 'The Masked Singer' but hopefully more successful as my mum named him in four seconds. So here goes. You can get free stuff from writing to magazines. Honest it's easy money (or easy clobber/gadgets/ ...

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Commuting and weather predictions

Do you check the weather forecast ready for the next days commute? I do and I have 3 levels of weather warning for myself.... level 3: Raining badly.... Now I don't mind cycling home in the wet when a hot shower, dry clothes, tea and a radiator to dry my shoes on await me... but I passed my driving test for a reason and that reason is not getting pee wet through and then standing on my feet for nine hours a ...

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Urban Cycling: Molly rides her bike, and drinks beer.

Urban cycling is kinda normal. Molly talks about her bike to work. We just spotted this lovely video over at Urban Velo (which we're SO going to subscribe to).  And while we can't quite claim it as a testimonial we do think it's kinda wonderful and sums up the attitude to cycling to work that really love.  Her attitude is very gentle, friendly and has a wonderfully self-effacing cool 'surely this is normal' ...

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Cycling Shoes – Buying the Right Pair

Cycling shoes - why? Remember when you were young and wanted to go for a ride on your two wheeler? You simply went outside, hopped on, and pedalled off. You didn’t worry about putting on the proper shoes or having any cycling-specific gear. As long as you had shoes on your feet and were wearing clothes that could get dirty in case you took a tumble or got splashed, you were in good shape. Now, however, if y ...

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Winter cycling – how to stay safe, warm and badass

People might think you're crazy if you want hit the roads during winter. But who wouldn’t go looney once they've experience the thrill of winter cycling? You will probably wimp out during the coldest hours of your first winter cycling days. But that's fine, we understand. It takes time to figure out what makes winter cycling not only bearable, but fun. If you are tough enough to enjoy winter cycling you can ...

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Fixies – bikes or hipster jewellery?

I have to admit that I’m not a keen cyclist. Don’t get me wrong, I think bikes are great; wonderful objects that serve a noble purpose. A to B using your legs - practical, economical, ecological and fun. I’m no enthusiast but what is there to really dislike? To me bikes are a timeless contraption and a rather warmly remembered childhood friend. I have the clichéd memory of my stabilisers coming off: Dad run ...

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Northwave Fahrenheit 2 GTX Winter Road Shoes review

This might not be the biggest saving we've ever found, but these boots are SO good it's worth a mention.  I struggled horribly with numb feet until I bought a pair of these boots, they really are that good!  I wear mine pretty much all year round, I've even worn them for track cycling! To keep riding the road bike through the winter, you need the warmth and comfort of these boots! Top Features of the Northw ...

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Winter cycling gear 101

Hi, my name is Jon Martin of Rebel Waltz Cycle Solutions. I have been cycling for around 20 years, commuting, sportives and for leisure. I started my own mobile bicycle repair business about 18 months ago based in Surbiton Surrey. Andrew has asked me to write a small article about riding during the winter months. Most of it is common sense but I hope there are one or two things here which will help you. Fir ...

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A message to London road users: don’t be bags of dicks. Please.

On my commute into town today, I witnessed a few pieces of appalling driving and cycling. It strikes me, however, that the problem is not that drivers treat cyclists like lesser beings as often thought, but that most of them treat us like road users. Driver’s aren’t just arsehole’s to cyclists, they’re arseholes to each other, too. The first incident of terrible driving featured a white van (quelle surprise ...

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