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Strava….. Friend or Foe?

The tabloids often go Strava bashing, i.e. writing negative articles about how us cyclists are putting ourselves and others in danger by K.O.M (king of the mountain) chasing.... and we get all indignant about it...... Should we? They use Strava as the big bad wolf even though there are many similar websites... Ridewithgps, Endomondo, even Garmin now have their own version. It's just Strava is by far the mos ...

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The internet has been the biggest boon to cyclists since the tarmac road. It’s transformed the purchase of everything from bikes to bits to clothing; enabled access to vast amounts of information; and, best of all, opened up lines of communication between riders from all over the world. Take a real life example. I’ve just discovered that I’ve worn out my freewheel – the bunch of cogs that sits on the back w ...

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Derby’s New Venue… I’m getting excited now

A new purpose built sporting venue is opening in six months, not fifteen miles away from where I am right now. If it had been built five years ago I would have been vaguely interested, but as I am now a cycle mad (or should that be a mad cyclist) Mamil, I am really excited about it.......... What is it? A Velodrome and its opening in Derby..... it gets even more interesting though. The current 'hour' record ...

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SkyCycle? AirCycle? SkyBalls!

One of the issues that first strikes about the uber-architect's Sir Norman Foster's current London infrastructure baby, SkyCycle, is that it sounds like it has something to do with Sky's proprietor Rupert Murdoch. They should at least consider changing the name, considering the implications and, well ... the person. Another question is simply … isn't this a bit, well stupid? The proposal is to spend thousan ...

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Bike helmets maybe the worst thing to happen to society

If you want to raise apoplexy in a serious cyclist, mention helmets. No other subject is so guaranteed to drive them into a frenzy of indignation. (Something for which, it has to be said, serious cyclists do tend to have something of a talent.) What do they get so worked up about? Why don’t they just chill? And why do so many of them refuse to wear helmets, when they’re so obviously a good idea? Well, the t ...

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Diabetes and Cycling

Why talk about diabetes on a cycling website? Two main reasons, firstly doctors suggest that cycling (along with swimming but we aren't a swimming site hence 'diabetes and cycling' rather than 'diabetes and swimming') is a low impact (on joints) form of exercise that helps limit and treat the effects of diabetes. Secondly if just one newly diagnosed person searches the internet and ends up here and takes up ...

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A Flowchart to aid bike selection

We like any form of cycling on Veloballs be it Racing, Bimbling, Mountain biking, BMX.... In fact anything that takes place on a human propelled bike whether it has two wheels, or is a recumbent trike.... we will even extend the hand of friendship to unicyclists...... So it follows that any bike is welcome be it Hybrid, Road, Mountain bike..... Etc. However my passion is for road bikes and I would like to h ...

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Think Horse Advert overcomes hurdles

Back in January an advert was launched by Cycling Scotland asking motorists to give cyclists more room. The slightly surreal advert shows cyclists as horses and tells motorists to treat cyclists as horses. It then explains that it doesn't mean feed them hay or make them jump fences like in the horse of the year show. What it did mean though was to give cyclists the room you would give a horse when passing t ...

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A (tongue-in-cheek) Presentation for Motorists

WARNING: If you are a motorists And Do Not ride a bike you may wish to navigate away from this page now, by continuing to read you accept all responsibility for any increase in blood pressure that may occur....     I do drive a car, but reluctantly. It's just really for family trips and (all too frequent) shopping trips. Sometimes I just point blank refuse to move from the sofa to drive to Tesco (other supe ...

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Buying bikes on ebay – the pain, pleasure and a secret weapon

There has never been a better time to be a potless cyclist. Time was, getting a decent second hand bike was a real challenge. First, you went to your local bike shop to check out the two or three Bob had in that were something like what you were looking for. But pretty soon it would become clear they weren’t what you were looking for after all. Then it was the classifieds: bad ads, with little information, ...

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