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Astana ride on, but under close scrutiny

The Scottish legal system has an unusual alternative verdict to the familiar guilty or not guilty. The alternative is “not proven”, which has been interpreted before now as, “not guilty, but don’t do it again.” All this may or may not have something to do with today’s UCI decision not to remove the World Tour licence from Kazakh team Astana. There is, of course, nothing odd, nor funny, about a team that was ...

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Nibali nibbles nobbly cobbles

If you were totally new to the world of professional cycling then at this time of year you'd be forgiven for thinking everyone who rides, watches or has even a passing interest in road cycling is obsessed with cobbles.  And you'd be correct. Just days after the brutal Paris-Roubaix astonished spectators and punished riders, reports are filtering through that last year's Tour de France winner is studying som ...

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