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Crap that won’t stick anywhere else.

Bunch of kids cycle 3.5 Million Miles

British school children cycled and scooted a total of 3.5 million miles as part of The Big Pedal, an inter-school cycling and scooting competition. A charity organization called Sustrans organized The Big Pedal. The annual event is supported by Sharron Davies, a former Olympic swimmer. In just three weeks, the children were able to cover the millions of miles while traveling to and from school. It has been ...

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Traversing Manchester (in 2014)

The first thing I saw when I got onto the roads of Manchester was a man on a cheap bike cycling on a painted cycle lane in the Belle Vue area. This would have been unremarkable, were it not for the fact the man was on the wrong side of a two-lane road. Something happened in Manchester, say 10-15 years ago, that meant that the city planners installed loads of segregated cycle lanes on many of the main roads ...

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Diabetes and Cycling

Why talk about diabetes on a cycling website? Two main reasons, firstly doctors suggest that cycling (along with swimming but we aren't a swimming site hence 'diabetes and cycling' rather than 'diabetes and swimming') is a low impact (on joints) form of exercise that helps limit and treat the effects of diabetes. Secondly if just one newly diagnosed person searches the internet and ends up here and takes up ...

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