Cheap bikes for cycling to work

Cheap bikes - Claud Butler Dalesman

Cheap bikes could be the way forward if you’re considering cycling to work.

When building the Bike to Work challenge website we made a conscious decision to provide information on Cycle to Work Schemes, but spending up to £1000 on a bike isn’t the only option when it comes to choosing your commuting steed.  If you don’t have somewhere secure to leave your bike it could well be worth considering buying a very cheap bike.  By searching on Ebay, Gumtree and by looking in your local paper it’s possible to find a serviceable bike for under £100.  We would point out that the less you spend on a second hand bike the more you might find yourself needing to learn about bike mechanics, but for a lot of people that’s half the fun of it!

The logic behind buying really cheap bikes is that if it does get nicked or damaged then it will be more an inconvenience than a financial trauma.  We don’t want to give anyone the impression that if you buy a really nice bike that it will automatically get damaged by cycling to work, in fact the truth is quite the contrary, but if a the end of your daily commute you have to lock your bike to a lamp post on a busy street the chances of it not being there for your ride home are much higher than if you are able to store your bike inside your place of work.

So while high-quality brand-new bicycles are the way forward for many people there are many of us who choose to loiter at the lower end of the bike budget.

Cheap bikes, we salute you!

P.S if you are interested in building your own cheap bike then click here for a handy guide…