Clip-in, Strap-on

Anykicks pedal clips

As that well known saying goes: once you go clipless, you can’t go back … less. Being clipped into a bike gives the the rider many benefits, including a feeling of more control and connectedness to the bike, and efficiency when going up hills. However, a problem many find with clipless pedals is the choice of shoes – having to be slave to what exactly shoes you own. And there a few nice ones (DZR particularly), and there is a way to make any shoe a clipless shoe – but that’s still very dependent on being into skate-looking apparel (DZR), and the shoe you want to make clipless-fiendly needing a decent sole to go into … you cannot make a pair of DMs clipless – Your Bouncing Souls won’t bounce no more, chuck.

The kickstarter Anykicks seem to be a nifty idea in response. It’s essentially a strapped-platform that works as a clipless shoe when you’re on your bike – so you not getting into and out of the strapped platform, you’re using it like you would a shoe – twisting your leg out of it when you stop, and then clicking back in when you go off. It’s hard to say that it’ll over quite the same quality of cliplessness as a good shoe-to-pedal, but around town it looks to be a fantastic solution that allows you to use whatever footwear suits the event. It’ll work with any shoe – finally, you can wear your Nike Air’s with the air-sole (do they still make those?) to as clipless shoes.

Check it out at KickStarter…