Commuting and weather predictions

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Do you check the weather forecast ready for the next days commute? I do and I have 3 levels of weather warning for myself….

level 3: Raining badly…. Now I don’t mind cycling home in the wet when a hot shower, dry clothes, tea and a radiator to dry my shoes on await me… but I passed my driving test for a reason and that reason is not getting pee wet through and then standing on my feet for nine hours at a time. So VERY WET = CAR

Level 2: Drizzle/Bit damp….. I normally opt for winter bike fitted with three front lights and two rear lights… this was actually my only bike (apart from my clapped out modern Viking which I converted to hybrid and hasn’t really turned a wheel since) until recently. Its had a new chain recently as the previous one was disgustingly rusty and I couldn’t get it clean… it could also do with with an inner chain ring and at least a pair of jockey wheels but possibly a new rear derailler (whether it should be the current Tiagra or new old stock 10 speed 105 is a different question… should I start a poll on that) this bike is ‘iffy’ weather transport

Level 1: Absolutely 100% guaranteed perfect weather….. This doesn’t happen very often, and then I take my shiny carbon bestie…..but the other day the weather looked good from the forecasts, all the planets were aligned and a Unicorn was seen grazing in the local park so all the omens were good, a quick check out of the window the next morning confirmed the good weather……. So……

I went for it, a set of lights were hastily fitted, a quick squidge of the tyres followed and off I went…..

The tyres weren’t quite as hard as I would of liked but were ALMOST okay…. My schoolboy error was rewarded with a pinch puncture two miles in to a eight mile commute, I think I did that much snarling a dog would of understood me.

The swearing and the serious upping of pace for the rest of the commute to get to work on time, was worth it for the admiring glances the bike got on its first outing to a new place of work…….

Oh and it was tucked up nice and warm in the warehouse… none of this outside bikeshed nonsense.