Conspiracy Theory

Simon Elson Conspiracy Theory

There’s a saying ‘Pride comes before a fall’ It appears smugness does as well… I posted a blog a while back entitled ‘Entering smug mode.’ about a bridge being shut and clogging Burton on Trent up. I bragged about being able to sail past all of the cars on a bike. It was shut for 10 weeks so I was like ‘Ha see you on the flipside….’ how wrong was I?

Three weeks into the bridge closure, I felt a bit ill, after a couple trips to the Doctors ‘a viral fluey type thing’ was diagnosed and both times I was sent home. Two days later I could hardly move and ended up in hospital with Sepsis, I won’t go into the gory details but in hospital for a week and ordered to stay off bike for four weeks.

I was just getting back in to the swing of things cycling wise, when a dog ran out in front of me I braked in time but took a fall and ended up with a sore shoulder for a couple of weeks. To be fair the owner was really upset and came into my work to check I was alright and offered to take me and my wife out for a meal.

This latest incident is part of a conspiracy to keep me off my bike this year. The full list for 2017 (I’d better add a so far) is as follows –

  • Eye infection (covered on Veloballs in my review of Cycling glasses)
  • Slipping over wearing SPD-SL on shiny floor (Covered in ‘Slippery when dry’)
  • Sepsis (bad… kept off bike for 5 weeks)
  • Curious incident of a dog in the street (only a couple of days but shoulder sore for a couple of weeks…

I was hoping for around 3000 miles for the year but will probably be about 2300 not bad considering the above. Next year I won’t start off the year so smug and aim for 2000 miles.