Corndogs the power-bite for cyclists

Corndogs for cycling energy

Cycling is no walk in the park. It is a sweat drenching, energy draining and physical challenging sport. Therefore, cyclists need to be oozing energy all the times. They need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed regardless of the unforgiving terrains. This is where Corndog swings into to the rescue like a medieval knight with majestic strides.

Corndog is a hotdog sausage coated with cornmeal. Corndogs are fried; dip fried or drowned in an oven. They are salty and healthy. To the cyclist, corndogs are like multi-potent quick-bites to keep their energy bunnies at optimum levels. Corndog to cyclists is what spinach is to Popeye though unlike in Popeye case cyclists should not expect any instant biceps.

Energy is not the only reason corndogs have warmed themselves to the hearts (stomach) of riders; there is also the convenience factor. Corndogs are served with a bamboo stick that makes them conveniently eatable when the cyclists are still cycling. The corndogs are usually wrapped with a thin sheet of foil so that they don’t soil the rider’s gear and the foil also help in keeping the corndog warm.

So, if you are a rider, grab some corndogs if the terrain will be long to ensure you don’t run out of ‘gas’ and you will definitely be full of get up and go!

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