Don’t Count Millar Out

David Millar

The sport of Cycling is not easy. It takes courage, determination, perseverance, and a little bit of luck. And the fiery scot David Millar has ample amounts of each. His road has been an interesting one. From his near career change to being an art student, Millar has never taken the conventional route. He has been engrossed in the sport for 18 years, and is now making his final lap amongst the events. But, unlike many veterans of the sport, Millar is leaving on his own terms. He won’t be leaving without a bang. The wiley sportsman has somehow found the exuberance of a rookie trying to make a name for himself. His confidence is high and has the actions to back it up:

“For sure, 100%, I still have something inside me. It doesn’t really matter what you do for the year but if you do well at the Tour then you’ve had a good season. The tour is the race that has meant the most to me during my career so I’d like to guarantee that I can be good there and that meant being on the backburner at the start of the year.”

David Millar career has been a roller coaster. But, he is now the symbol of redemption and change. His fight against doping has been honest and revealing sparking admiration throughout the sport of cycling.

His final year will be a busy one. He looks to make a mark at the Dauphine and perform well at the Tour de France. His final stops will be at the Commonwealth Games and the Vuelta. But, is he ready to take help his team?

“I’m here to get through the race fit and healthy. To help Andrew Talansky, help Ryder Hesjedel who should also be able to do a good ride here and once again be a road captain.”

Looking for the benefit of the team, he speaks the words of a self-less champion. One last year and one last ride into the sunset. But, he will leave a legacy that the sport of cycling will not be able to replace.


Photo credit: Ian Joyce