Frog Bikes Survey Shows Parents Tend to Opt for In-Home Bike Maintenance

Frog bikes

Earlier this week, reported on a survey performed by youth bike maker Frog Bikes, which showed that most parents do not take the time to have professional mechanics perform safety checks on their children’s bicycles.

The survey of over 2,000 UK parents showed that most parents prefer to perform safety checks and maintenance themselves, and even found that a small percentage of parents had never had their children’s bikes inspected by a professional.

These attitudes seem to relate to a common general feeling that children’s bikes are merely playthings. In actuality, though, a child’s bike needs to be just as respected and cared for as any other vehicle.

Children’s bike safety is something that must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Frog Bikes recently shared an article from which shows that over 40% of children experience some kind of “Near miss” while riding on the street to and from school. These bikes may come in bright colours with silly designs, but their brakes, tires, chains and other parts are still there for the serious task of keeping young riders safe. Just because a child might not be able to generate the same raw speed as an adult rider does not mean their brake pads should be checked with any less scrutiny.