How you doin’?


No I’m not trying a dodgy chat up line on you, I’m just wondering what your mileage is for the year.

In the past I’ve hit 3300 for the year not bad as commute was only a 15 mile round trip but last year due to covering sites elsewhere for a few months and having to use a company vehicle to do so I only managed 1800 odd miles.

This year in a new job with a 20 mile commute I set myself a target of 3000 miles, with a few leisure rides I thought it would be a breeze.. So half way in to the year, how am I doing?

Err, not very well. It seem fate is trying to keep me off my bike.

A twisted ankle followed by a knackered knee (This has been covered in slippery when dry) an eye infection (again covered in my prescription cycling glasses review) and finally a bout of acute badbackanitus has kept my mileage to 900 so far.

So I metaphorically kicked myself up the arse and thought about school report comments of the past… ‘must do better’

On Saturday we popped in to see some friends and got chatting (some of the chatting involved a possible LEJOG!!! maybe more about that in the future…) Anyway our respective Sons got talking and decided they were having an impromptu sleepover, Our friends were like ‘whatever’ as their daughter had two friends stopping over, what’s another child… So we lent our ten year old to them and drove off… quickly.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and I figured a lie in was in order, however my wife had other ideas and announced she was going to do some painting at 7.30 A.M… (that’s decorating not art) One thing my darling wife isn’t is lazy.

And I figured I stood more chance of Elon Musk calling to ask me to command the first manned mission to Mars than spending another two hours peacefully in bed. So I got up and got a cheeky 15 miler in . Not a massive mileage I’ll admit but more than I’d managed for a while.

This week (Its probably at least last week as you reading this) I’m trying to get a full five days commute and a day off ride of at least twenty five miles in.
Don’t think I’ll be able to pull my mileage back on line for the 3000 but might get to 2500… and next year well I’ll possibly be training for that LEJOG in 2019.