Laura will trot all the way to glory!

Laura Trott by Renate Franz
Photo by Renate Franz

One of the weirdest feelings and dilemmas in the sporting world is competing with your teammates in an international event; having experienced a plethora of emotions together, things are obviously messy when you want to whizz by past one of your best friends in a time trial, but oh well – c’est la vie!

Laura Trott feels that only bragging rights are at stake in such situations and that everybody’s main aim is just to prepare for the European track championships in Guadeloupe this month. The competition for the line up among the five – , Dani King, Joanna Rowsell, Elinor Barker and Katie Archibald and Laura herself – is fierce. None of them want to lose their positions two years out from the Olympics, especially at these crucial times. What we can tell you about it all is that she is not backing down anymore and will it all that she has got; because that girl is on fire!

She is aiming to peak at the Europeans this month and is not going to worry about her form too much – faith is important in this sport; especially faith in yourself. The plan is that if everyone is planning on peaking in the Europeans, then nobody will be in top form, especially the ones who got a very short break since after the Commonwealth Games.

Laura Trott won gold in the points race and dutifully helped Lizzie Armitstead in winning gold in the Road Race, after which she went off for a well deserved, ten day vacation to Jamaica with her boyfriend, Jason Kenny. She’s now back and recharged; ready to take on all challenges that come her way by the balls.

In an effort to prioritize her track preparations for the Olympic Games at Rio soon, Laura will be switching from Wiggle Honda to the Matrix Fitness Team next year since they are a semi-professional team but are hoping to become a registered UCI outfit for 2015, and also because the sheer stature of Wiggle Honda requires more sponsorship appearances from its members and that means less practice time. Laura is trying to recreate the situations as they were in 2012 when everything worked out in her favour and believes in a ‘Career First’ approach. The same thing is being tried out by Katie and Jo, but we guess Dani loves the road more, so she’s staying with Wiggle Honda, while the other two will be moving off to Pearl Izumi.
Matrix Fitness director Stef Wyman’s wife rides for the team and is friends with Laura. Moreover, the company’s determination to establish the name of young British cyclists attracted Laura towards Matrix Fitness.

Laura is fully focussed on her goals and is not letting the thought of tough competition bother her much, with the likes of Marianne Vos, who is going for a hat trick title this year. Ultimately a good performing and supporting team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is why Laura Trott chose Matrix Fitness over the others.

Photo credit – Renate Franz

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