Lotto-Belisol luck-leak

Lotto-Belisol team car

Dark times are upon team Lotto-Belisol following the fourth stage of the Tour de France. Andre Greipel doesn’t seem to be performing as hoped as their dedicated sprinter and three of their riders crashed on Tuesday.

Rider Greg Henderson was forced to withdraw from the race due to the sustained injuries. Stitches were required to fix the leg wound Henderson received by verdict of team doctor Jan Mathieu.

“Greg Henderson has a deep cut of twelve centimeters on his right knee,” Mathieu said. “During a first check-up in the medical cabinet after the finish, the wound was stitched. Tonight Greg will go to the hospital of Herentals where he will undergo minor surgery by doctor Toon Claes. The knee will be drained to avoid the wound gets infected.”

The crash that claimed three of their riders happened on a round-about nearly 30 kilometers from the finish line. The crash was attributed to oil on the road. In addition to Henderson falling, riders Lars Bak and Bart de Clercq were casualties as well.

There is a silver lining to this downturn of luck. Rider Jurgen Van Den Broeck seems to be riding competitively and keeping time with the overall competitors.

Heading into the next stages, pressure is on Greipel to perform up to standard and bring solid consistent finishes for team Lotto-Belisol.