Mounting Ventoux, fuelled by pies and ale

Pie for Ventoux

This coming Sunday (27/07/14) those who will be mourning the end of the Tour de France but finding themselves at a loose end in France could do worse than heading to Le Mont Ventoux.  The sight that will greet them will not be the wire-thin frames of pro racers flying up the mountain like it is level, oh no, they’ll see something potentially much more entertaining.

Self-confessed ‘generously set’ (and nearly middle-aged) cycling Chris Brown will be attempting to conquer the infamous ‘Giant of Provence fuelled with what he refers to as ‘EPO’ (Eau, Pastis, Olive).  Chris isn’t the sort of chap to do things by halves, oh no.  Not only does he not have a medical team monitoring and controlling his grub intake to ensure maximum performance, neither will he have a chance to warm up his legs before this challenge, as he confesses on his blog;

‘I shall be doing this two days after returning from working in Africa, and without having been on a bike for at least seven weeks, due to holidays, work and injury.’


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