New Zipp 404 Firestrike Claims Aerodynamic, Braking Improvements over Firecrest

Zipp Firecrest cheap (not)

Manufacturer Zipp has introduced the latest in their 404 wheel series, the Firecrest. The design looks to be an improvement on 2010’s Firecrest model, with new designs to the aerodynamic and braking power of the wheel.

The major selling point for the wheels seems to be the rim and brake track. In 2010, the Firecrest used a dimpled, carbon fibre surface to help reduce “side force,” the force caused by wind moving perpendicularly to the wheel. Zipp says that the new Firestrike improves on the design, claiming a further “34% reduction in side force,” according to the official product description.

The new wheel also utilises a brand-new Silicon Carbide brake track surface which Zipp claims will allow the wheel to stop just like an aluminium wheel in wet conditions. The brake track is covered in a surface resin which contains small particles of the aforementioned Silicon Carbide, aiding in creating friction with the brake pads. The new brake track also has a small, grooved pattern in it not seen in previous Firecrest models, which presumably will help with wet weather stopping.

The Firestrike is available now, the front wheel will set you back at least £1,179, and the rear wheel goes for £ 1,500. Lookie here…