Noah Granigan wins race, licks tarmac

Noah Granigan wins but falls

We’re not the sort of people who laugh at the misfortune of others, especially not when it comes to smearing flesh across tarmac.  The main reason we don’t point and laugh when cyclists polish their lycra on the road is that without fail all writers at VeloBalls have done much the same thing at some point or other (and those who haven’t almost definitely will).  Where 18 year old Noah Granigan differs from any of the unfit knackers who work at VeloBalls is that the poor bugger wasn’t out for a gentle (and private) Sunday morning bimble when he licked the road, oh no.

Noah Granigan nailed first place in the junior category at The Tour of Somerville only to have a speed wobble (we’re going to say ‘speed wobble’ because we’re on his side here) as he crossed the line.  Crossing the line he experienced one of those horrible moments when we look down and realise the bike that has been our friend for the previous miles is making a bid for freedom.

Still, at least he won, which is more than can be said for Eloy Teruel in The Tour of California a couple of weeks ago, who is not only much older than Granigan (so maybe should know better) but who actually mistakenly celebrated winning the Pasadena stage an entire lap before the rest of the field completed the race.  Oops.

Noah Granigan we salute you.  Chapeau dear boy, chapeau.