Northwave Fahrenheit GTX (Gore-Tex) Winter Road Shoes review

Northwave Fahrenheit REVIEW.

I bought my Northwave Fahrenheit February 2013  and have worn nothing else since.  I think the purchase of these boots still constitutes the largest amount of money I’ve ever spend on one ‘thing’ for cycling, and it was worth it more than anything else I’ve bought, possibly more than some bikes I’ve owned! Prior to buying these boots I spent at least a few seasons messing about with various socks and overshoes but could never get my feet to stop going numb or getting soaking wet. I’ve worn these boots in very low temperatures, and in very high temperatures and my feet are always just fine. I only bother wearing one pair of socks with these boots and they’re always just fine. Doesn’t sound exciting but I find that if you don’t have too much to rattle on about with regards to the comfort of any sort of cycling gear then there’s a very good chance that’s because they’re incredibly comfortable.

I’ve worn these boots in horizontal rain and my feet have stayed dry, I’ve worn them in icy conditions and my feet have stayed warm. Nearly two years on these winter boots still look great too, there’s no sign of much wear and tear, and I dare say I’ll get plenty more winters out of them yet. Some people might grumble at little at the price, but as with a lot of cycling gear you really do what you get pay for. Buy these and you’ll never be miserable on the commute ever again!