A “Nutt” From Rotherham is Looking to Ride into History

Ricky Nutt takes on Strava

….Ricky Nutt, that is. The cyclist from Britain is smashing asphalt whenever he can. June is the perfect month to do so, and Nutt is using the month’s extra sun time to bike himself into a world record. In essence, he is Rotherham’s version of Forrest Gump. The only difference is he chooses not to sport the heavy set beard and is fully clothed in body-tight lycra.

He rides for the love of the sport. But, that’s not to say that he lacks experience. Nutt has won quite a few races but life has taken over him.

“I’m self-employed now and can’t really afford the time off if I get injured in a crash, but I still want to challenge myself, which is why I’m doing this.”

Ricky Nutt led the rest of the Strava pack with 712.6 km in five rides as of June 4. And continues to lead today. But, the competition will not be won so easily. Dave G. from Workington is only behind 78.6 km and looking to make his own mark on history.

He jumped to the top of the leaderboard due to an extraordinary first day riding 400 km. The glutton for punishment called that day, “a bit mad.” That is an understatement. Asked specifically about his reasons for this challenge, Nutt remarked:

“I ask myself that sometimes. I set off on my own and think what are you doing? Then you warm up and settle down and start enjoying it. It’s a challenge too, it’s seeing what your body is capable of.” Arguing and talking with oneself? When this is all over, Nutt may want to get that checked. In any case, Ricky Nutt is turning heads all over the United Kingdom. And I will be watching too, from afar, while eating donuts on my couch.