Pinot finishes second; now can he beat the clock?

Almost there, Pinot!


In what seems to be an awe inspiring demonstration of the capabilities of French adrenaline, Thibot Pinot went against all odds to climb to the second place at the Tour de France championship 2014.

“I felt good, so I had to try today, although Nibali was too strong,” were the words of a rather ecstatic Thibaut Pinot after finishing second to Tour de France leader Vincenzo Nibali. While there was a certain satisfaction to his tone of speech as he addressed the press, Pinot was fairly aware of the capabilities of his challengers; with Valverde being the Spanish time trial champion and Peraud having always displayed incredible skill against the clock.”There are now just 15 seconds separating second place and fourth place, and I’m probably the least accomplished time-trialist between the
three of us [Pinot, Péraud and Valverde]”, stated Pinot with a palpable tension in his voice.

In a burst of emotions, panic and near-combat-readiness, amidst the attacks of the other contenders, Pinot kept his faculties and finished 13 seconds ahead of Peraud and gained a whopping 49 seconds over Valverde; although Nibali still maintains a lead of an incredible 7:10 ahead Pinot.

While he has not had any recent references in time trials over 50 Kilometers, Pinot has finished in the top ten in other time trials including the Tour de Suisse, famous for it’s artistic beauty and infamous for it’s huge climbs and difficulty.

Pinot has a lot of fans sitting on the edge of their seats till he bags second place on the podium this Sunday evening and with a reputation for beating expectations especially while defending a high placing in a grand tour, Pinot just might make history this 2014.

Anyhow, we wish him luck. Bonne Chance, Pinot!