Pippa Middleton’s Bottom joins race

Pippa Middleton's Bottom

If you have read the ‘Red-Tops’ this week you will be aware that Pippa Middleton’s bottom is taking part in a three thousand mile relay race across America.

If you managed to get as far as the third paragraph in most of the papers you will have realised that it is not as miraculous as it sounds as the rest of Pippa is accompanying the said bottom. The papers seemed to be more interested in her Lycra clad bum than the actual event she’s taking part in….

Come on guys you’re not going to get a Pulitzer prize for that story…..

I’m not going to go into the whole ‘Royalist/Anti-Royalist-hangers on debate as I don’t think this website has enough ‘bandwidth’ to deal with that topic plus I can’t be arsed (see what I did there?) to have opinion on it.

Whilst I’m not really sure what she actually ‘does’, anything that might encourage even just one more girl to ride a bike on a Sunday morning rather than getting pissed and sleeping on the pavement outside a nightclub a few hours earlier has got to be good thing, yes?