“The Professor” Recieves a Hefty Halfords Payday

Chris Boardman nailing it

When a rider falls in love with the sport of cycling, he/she becomes consumed by it. They get natural highs when they experience the speed and stamina of the game. They train endlessly to gain milliseconds off of a stopwatch. And when they realise how good they are, they compete against other lovers of the game all over the world. A select few achieve success. They are showered with medals, praise from their peers, and money from anyone willing to throw it at them. But, what happens when the door to your passion is shut. That is what happened to Chris Boardman.

“The Professor” had reached all the heights that cycling could give him. He broke world records and gained world recognition at the Olympic Games in 1992 when he won a gold medal in Barcelona. He seemed unstoppable. His mind was ready to go, but, unfortunately his body did not have the same strength. He noticed that his body was tiring more easily. And with each race after his triumph in Barcelona, it was evident that something was not right. He saw specialists and they confirmed that his bone density was deteriorating. He was developing Osteoporosis and his bones were getting weaker by each race. He was forced to retire. He had no choice.

But, he still wanted to leave his mark on the sport he loved. And thanks to Halfords, he has succeeded. The bicycle and car parts retailer has purchased Boardman Bikes for an undisclosed amount of money. He will still have creative control and oversee operations. He said glowingly:

“This step will take the brand to the next level and their backing will allow us to further develop our research and development and extend our award-winning cycling ranges.”

Don’t you just love a happy ending?