Rumours of a shock-absorbing Time machine

TIME shock-absorbing forks

Framemaker Time managed to get some gearheads salivating earlier this week when the front page of their website was replaced by the simple image of an X-ray of a human arm and the tagline “New sensations are coming soon.” The image seems to confirm previous speculation that Time would soon release a new fork meant to absorb vibration.
In February, website published a story where the examined patents filed by Time, which seem to show a brand new kind of fork containing special elastomers which could, feasibly, cut down on the vibration felt by the rider.

Matosvelo says that these patents point to a design which specifically seeks to eliminate vibrations between 20 and 50 hz, the range most felt by riders.  Matosvelo also indicated that the design appears to be adjustable based on the weight of the rider.

If Time has something up their sleeve, the obvious time to announce it would be during August’s Eurobike Global Show.

Personally, I’ve never been one for speculation, though I do have to admit that it seems like Time is planning something big. But the image on their website forces me to wonder if maybe we’re all off-base here. Time hasn’t posted a picture of a new frame, they’ve posted a picture of a human arm. Perhaps instead of designing a bike frame that can absorb vibration, Time has simply designed new robotic arms which don’t feel vibration. Riders could just replace their arms with the robot arms and poof- problem solved!

Am I saying that Time has definitely designed some sort of nuclear powered replacement for human arms? No, of course I’m not saying that. That would be crazy. But a guy can dream, can’t he?