Sagan’s California Dreamin’

Peter Sagan Hair

Don’t be surprised if you notice Peter Sagan walking around the LA looking for available properties for sale, he loves riding in California. And it doesn’t hurt that he can’t stop winning here either. Sagan has lit up the record books with 13 Tour of California stage wins but his competitors are not going to roll out the red carpet just yet. California’s majestic mountain ranges in stage three and five will provide some trouble, but Peter seemed undeterred when speaking with the public at the San Diego Yacht Club.

“I like America and I like to ride here. It’s always good weather, at least since I’ve been coming here. It’s good preparation, good people, and a good race.”

But, Sagan remains grounded and humble.
“Last year when I came to the Tour of California if you told me I was going to win I would say you are crazy. This year is the same for me.”

His performance last year shocked cycling fans, especially with some of his struggles during the climb to Mt. Baldy where he lost the lead to Julian Alaphilipppe. But, Sagan had to produce and felt immense pressure due to not winning a single race for his boss, Oleg Tinkov. The Tour of California turned the tide for him and the wins started to stack up.

Sagan had impressive performances in the Tour de France, Gent­-Wevelgem, and the Tour de Flanders. It wasn’t until a less than stellar showing at Paris­-Roubaix did he realize it was time for a break. He seemed to balance training and sight­seeing at the same time.

“I did two races on the mountain bike. One I didn’t finish because I crashed…I had a flat tire. It was just to try it and to have fun.”

Sagan, known to be laid­ back by nature, seemed to look more forward to the waves and bikini­-clad women.

Towards the end of the interview he shrugged off more questions.
“Yeah, yeah. But tomorrow we go surf, right?”

Should owner Oleg Tinkov be nervous? We will find out soon enough.

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